Reward Returning Customers With a Point-Based Loyalty & Rewards Program

Show your customers you care and appreciate their loyalty. Use our visit-based rewards system and see your regular customer base grow.

Kanatrak rewards and coupons desktop dashboard
Kanatrak create reward or coupon mobile

Solidify Customer Loyalty with Rewards

  • Create Anticipation

    Bring excitement to your customer's shopping experience with a visit-based rewards system

  • Increase Repeat Business

    Encourage customers to return to your shop, and your shop alone. See the number of returning customers grow.

  • Grow Brand Loyalty

    Treat your customers well and have them fall in love with your brand. Grow their love for your brand to strengthen your relationship.

Why Visit-Based Rewards?

Everyone has their own budget. By encouraging your customers to spend what they want while rewarding their returning to your shop, there will be more chances to build a pleasant, meaningful relationships.

Recurring Personalization

Combined with each customer's interests and puchase history, each time your customer visits you can strengthen your relationship with a catered retail experience.

Integration with Check Ins

Customers collect points with each check in. During this time, they can easily change their area of interests, ensuring you have the most up-to-date information on each customer.

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