Acquire Customers With Our Check-In

Grow your customer list, know their interests, and see them return

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Build Lasting Relationships

A shopping experience is more than business - it's the start of a lifelong relationship.

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Acquire Customers

Grow your customer list with a simple check-in at the start of each store visit.

Capture Insights

Understand your customer's interests and favourite products.

Personalize Experiences

Cater your customer's shopping experience to their interests, guided by our platform

Drive Sales with Data

See which customers are returning and why. Then adjust what you're doing to keep loyal customers.

Did you know?

Companies with a well-crafted customer service approach have a retention rate of 92%

By collecting your customer's interests with our check-in feature, you can craft a more personalized in-store experience with little effort. Simply check your customer's profile and see the items they enjoy.

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