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Know Your Customers and Keep Them Engaged.

We provide the tools to efficiently make sales and easily engage customers. With check-in's and visit based loyalty programs, your customers will keep coming back.

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What is Customer Engagement?

It's the emotional connection between your customers and your company formed by customers' experiences - strongly influence their buying decisions, more so than their rationality.

Why focus on it?

Strong relationships with your customers easily leads to great, positibe emotional connections. Make the most of your shop's quality products and spread the joy of cannabis.

Why Kanatrak

We provide simple, versatile tools to improve your customer's experience.

  • Acquire

    Build up your customer list with check-ins

  • Engage

    Catch your customer's attention with personalized messages

  • Retain

    Encourage shop-loyalty with visit-based rewards

  • Repeat

    Customer relationships can last a lifetime

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Complete Solution for Improving Customer Engagement

Everything your shop needs to develop and maintain strong relationships with your customers.

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Did you know?

61% of consumers feel like retailers don't know about them as a customer.


Don't be like everyone else! With Kanatrak, you'll know everything you need to know about your customers.

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