Our Mission

To make cannabis entreprenuers' lives easier through the use of technology.

Our Story

We believe a solid software infrastructure is necessary to run businesses smoothly and grow.

Our founder, Andrew Crotwell, worked in the cannabis industry since 2015 and understands the struggles legal businesses face with antiquated technology. He rallied a team of techies passionate about cannabis with the goal of creating the most comprehensive, intuitive software for cannabis retailers. Ultimately, we want to help the cannabis industry flourish with innovation.

Intuitive software

Anyone should be able to log in and start using Kanatrak. Simplicity is key.

Humans creating cool things they love

The Kanatrak community is our family

Excellent Customer Experience

In light of our software, we believe great customer experiences make for great advances in an industry

Our Values

We make sure to keep these in mind when making any decision


We believe sincere connections are fundamental to creating great customer and working relationships.


Handling others' information requires great security. Therefore we keep our personal and software integrity at the forefront.


Honest communication is the foundation of any relationship. We want to make sure you know exactly what you're using.


We believe there is always more we can improve on. Improvement is the path to growth, innovation, and a briliant product


At the end of the day, we're creating software so the industry can grow and diversify, and we can all enjoy a smoke

Delivering Success

We want our customers to succeed. You are the life-blood for our company, the industry, and for consumers alike.

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