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It all begins by choosing the right tools. Build lasting relationships with your customers with the help of our intuitive platform.

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Know All About Your Customers

We provide the tools to connect


Keep track of your customer's favourite product categories

Purchase Histories

Know what each customer has bought from you, and keep track of product popularity

Returning Customers

Find out which customers keep coming back, ad adjust your service to raise your return rate

Reporting & Analytics

Understand your customer beyond a superficial level - understand the story each person's numbers tell

79% of consumers want to see that brands care, before consider making a purchase

With the help of Kanatrak, showing them you care each time they visit is effortless

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Easily Service Your Customers Anywhere

  • Personalized Messaging

    Let your customers know of deals they would be interested in to urge them back in-store

  • Point-based Rewards

    Reward loyal customers with points each time they visit, and use the points to redeem coupons and discounts

  • Sales Analytics

    Measure the success of your customer outreach and understand how to grow with indepth sales reports

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